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    When I was young, I loved to play in the yard over-looking the bay at Myrtle Avenue in Apalachicola. I grew up there under the oaks that towered above me, it was there with my brother that we played, fought, sprayed water guns at each other, fought some more, made secret clubs, climbed those trees, and grew as a family. It wasn’t just a house, but the bonds formed between us, and readied the soul after a long day.
    This made me, and my parents taught me the values so many held dear here, so I cannot imagen being more connected to the forgotten coast.
    My background is in business management, spending three years as the store director of the family grocery. Service, budgeting and everything under the roof of our super market was under my care. I specialize in finding the experience, and the house that will be true to the family or person that will live there. With business management, and much more under my belt, it’ll be a breeze, and we’ll have fun.
    So, come on and find your avenue on the Forgotten Coast with me!

    Joshua Dooley
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    Joshua Dooley

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